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“Powerful design thinking integrates four main themes on the Process of Design: Ethical Practice, Thoughtful Impact, Experiential Design, Excellence in Delivery.”

Art Gensler, Art’s Principles

Saikley Architects is a collaborative of experienced architects and supporting staff who work closely with our clients and each other to give detailed attention to each project.

We are a small enough firm that principal Alexandra Saikley leads the design on every project and is in close contact with all of our clients. At the same time we are large enough to get projects done quickly and bring the benefit of different architects’ skills to our projects.

Our ongoing relationships with contractors, engineers, fabricators, and artisans, as well as city and county officials, many of whom have worked with us for years, enable us to address our clients’ needs effectively.

Alexandra Saikley, architect in Alameda, CA

Alexandra Saikley


Alexandra enjoys practicing architecture for the opportunity to explore detailed design, solve complex problems, and develop a personal connection with clients. She has well-developed skills in consensus-building with user groups and neighborhood groups, which especially benefits the firm’s larger work. Alexandra also has an in-depth knowledge of historic preservation, and expertise in adapting historic structures to current use while maintaining their integrity.  She is committed to mentoring upcoming architects, and is on the Board of Advisors for the Diablo Valley College Architecture Design and Technology Program and the Build Beauty Program, Sant’Anna Institute, Italy.

Prior to founding Saikley Architects in 2003, Alexandra spent 10 years working on a broad range and scale of project types, including single-family homes, live-work spaces, multi-unit housing, mixed-use developments, childcare centers, schools, social service centers, churches, civic buildings, commercial spaces, restaurants, and hospitals. Design for children—architecture, interiors, and custom children’s furniture—has been a particular area of focus. 

Her hands-on understanding of building comes from working on the renovation of two of her own Craftsman homes. Alexandra also teaches Qigong and Breema, practices which bring a balance to her life and, in turn, support her architectural practice. She lives in Alameda with her husband and two sons. 

Masters in Architecture, UC Berkeley 

BA in Architecture, M.I.T. / Wellesley College 

Andrea cernusak

Andrea Cernusak

Collaborating Project Architect

Andrea is a licensed architect with 20 years’ experience in architecture. She does high-end residential and commercial work in her own firm, Andrea Cernusak Architect, and she works part-time with Saikley Architects as a project architect on many of our projects. Andrea loves delving into the details and figuring out how the various aspects of a project come together. She brings her fine eye for design, rigorous attention to detail, thorough follow-through, and consistent cheerfulness to all of her work. Andrea earned an MArch from the University of Idaho. When not working, she enjoys bicycle commuting and spending time with her family outdoors.

dan gulch architect

Dan Guich

Collaborating Project Architect

Dan is a licensed architect in California with 20 years’ experience in residential, commercial and education projects. He runs his own firm, Studio Converge in San Francisco, and has been consulting with Saikley Architects since 2017. Dan brings a high level of technical expertise to our projects, following every detail through to its logical conclusion and incorporating other disciplines’ needs into the design without compromise. Dan is skilled in project management, construction detailing, code analysis and BIM (Building Information Modeling). He holds a BA in Architecture from UC Berkeley and MArch from Georgia Institute of Technology.

marc newman

Marc Newman

Collaborating Project Architect

Marc has over 20 years’ experience. He runs his own firm based in Oakland, Marc Newman Architect, and collaborates on projects as lead architect with Saikley Architects. Marc brings a high level of technical expertise and design sensitivity to his work with our firm. He has worked on a diverse range of project types, including many award winning and nationally recognized projects that have been noted for exceptional design and sustainable strategies. Marc currently focuses on single-family residences, and he appreciates the one-on-one interaction with clients that these projects allow. Sustainability is a fundamental component of Marc’s design. He believes that if we are going to build, we should build with care and intention. Marc received his BA from Calvin College and MArch from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. When not working he enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports and brewing beer.

Kasia Ekstrand architect

Kasia Ekstrand

Collaborating Project Architect

Kasia is a licensed architect in California with over 25 years’ experience. Kasia runs her own architecture firm, Kasia Ekstrand Architect, and has consulted with Saikley Architects as project architect on many of our projects since 2010. Kasia loves bringing her creativity and artistic flair to residential and small commercial projects including many restaurants. She makes projects beautiful with her eye for design, while also being excellent at the nuts and bolts of architecture, solving problems in the field and coordinating graciously with the team of contractors and suppliers.  She is tenacious and effective in following through with public officials to secure permits for our projects. Kasia holds a BS in Architecture from University of Texas at Arlington, and MArch from Graduate School of Design (GSD) at Harvard University.

jim gallagher saikley architects alameda

Jim Gallagher

Collaborating Project Architect

Jim is a licensed California architect with more than 25 years’ experience in the field of architecture. He has consulted with Saikley Architects since 2016, and runs his own firm, James Gallagher Architect. He has successfully designed and managed a vast array of projects of varying sizes and budgets, from a few thousand to several million dollars. Jim loves the process of design and problem solving. He is adept at navigating the Byzantine paths of Building and Planning Department approvals, and he truly enjoys helping clients make their visions a reality. Jim earned a BA in Architecture from University of North Carolina, Charlotte. 

Esther Tse

Collaborating Project Architect

Esther has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of architecture, interiors and urban design. She runs her own firm, OpenBay Design, and has been consulting with Saikley Architects as a project architect since 2013. Esther values building a close network and collaborating with non-profit organizations on community-focused projects regionally and internationally. Esther earned her BA in Architecture and MArch from UC Berkeley. She is a California licensed architect and LEED AP (Accredited Professional Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).


Kacie Young

Collaborating Project Designer

Kacie moved from Sacramento to the Bay Area for new experiences and to join Saikley Architects in 2016. She worked full-time in our office until 2019 and now collaborates with us on some projects. She helps manage the production of drawings in our office, and brings her design expertise to our projects. She has previously worked in architecture, interior design, and furniture sales. Kacie earned a BA in Interior Design & Interior Architecture from CA State University Sacramento and is a Certified Interior Designer with the California Council for Interior Design. She loves dogs, photography, and trying new places to eat.

Jason Sanbei

Collaborating Project Designer

Jason worked full-time at Saikley Architects from 2014 -2017 and now collaborates with us project-by-project. Jason brings his keen design sense, energetic curiosity and strong technical skills to his work. Jason has a background in construction, construction financing, and business, and does his own architectural projects. He holds a BA in Architecture from UC Berkeley. Jason is also an accomplished gymnast. 

Miki Kasaki

Miki Kasaki

Project Designer

Miki has always loved beautiful architecture as long as she can remember. Her passion for architecture led he to travel to see some of the world’s great historical buildings such as Sagrada Familia and the Eiffel Tower before settling down in the Bay Area. After graduating from California College of the Arts, she has gained experience in high-end residential projects, developing her skills in both architecture and interior design. Miki spends time working remotely in her home country, Japan, and visiting the many historical places there.

Kate O’Rourke

Interior Designer

With 20 years’ experience in interior design, Kate O’Rourke has worked on both residential and commercial projects ranging from newly constructed custom homes to restaurants and corporate offices. After spending the better part of her adolescence living abroad soaking up art and architecture, Kate returned to the US to study interior design at university. Out of school she worked at some of the best firms in Sacramento and the Bay Area. She is a multi-faceted designer with an attention to detail in taking a space from conception to drawings to a built and fully curated interior. Kate earned her BA in Interior Architecture from California State University, Sacramento.

joe stack alameda

Joseph Stack

Office Manager & Business Administrator

Joe wears many hats in our office. He supports our architectural staff with office management, business administrative, and some hands-on construction tasks to keep everything running smoothly. Joe has been an employee with Saikley Architects since 2015. His background is in business administration as well as fitness and outdoor recreation services. In addition to his job with Saikley Architects, Joe runs his own business, Stacked Adventures, which provides outdoor recreation services and rentals.

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