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“When they have a choice, people will always gravitate to those rooms which have light on two sides, and leave the rooms which are lit only from one side unused and empty.”

Christopher Alexander

Saikley Architects offers a variety of services tailored to our clients’ needs.


Full Architectural Services

We work closely with clients, contractors and consultant team to create built environments that support our clients’ personal and financial interests. Our comprehensive approach addresses the complete project life cycle, from concept through completion. We are adept at managing the intricacies of the permit processes to the best advantage for our clients.

Hourly Consultations

Alexandra Saikley offers hourly consulting when a client simply wants an architect’s advice. She can help with such issues as deciding to remodel versus building a new building, feasibility studies to evaluate cost/benefit for the best way forward, evaluating green improvements, and advising on appropriate options for historic preservation.

Pre-Purchase Property Evaluations

Working with realtors, developers and individual property buyers, Alexandra Saikley evaluates and compares properties to help buyers get the best value. She examines properties and checks codes and regulations with cities and counties. She sketches design options for new builds or remodels and prepares cost estimates, providing opinions on relative values, opportunities and liabilities to help buyers make the most informed decisions possible.

Real Estate Development Consulting

As the initial phase in a project before developing an architectural design, or as stand-alone consulting, Alexandra Saikley works with homeowners, business owners, and real estate developers on feasibility studies and other real estate development consulting. These services may involve minor or extensive code research, advocating with City and County offices on client’s behalf, diagramming options and developing cost estimates to evaluate cost/benefit, comparing different properties for development, and offering perspective on the best way to meet the client’s aims and wishes for their property.

Entitlement Consulting

Alexandra Saikley consults with individuals, developers and other architects to assist with entitlements. This may involve coordination with City officials for permits, speaking at City hearings, advice on design for approvability, and neighborhood outreach.


  • Architecture 
  • Interior design 
  • Landscape design 
  • Furniture, furnishing and equipment specifications 
  • Childcare design and consultation 
  • Development Consulting
  • Pre-purchase property evaluations 
  • Evaluation of potential building sites 
  • Site selection and planning 
  • Feasibility studies 
  • Programming 
  • Community and master planning 
  • Public workshop facilitation 
  • Neighborhood outreach 
  • Comprehensive construction documents 
  • Entitlements including special approvals 
  • Sustainability and resiliency consulting 
  • Design of high-performance green homes 
  • LEED consulting and documentation 
  • Accessibility / ADA consulting 
  • Historic preservation, renovation, restoration and adaptive reuse 
  • Construction administration 
  • Post-occupancy review 
  • Expert testimony 
  • Presentation graphics, including 3D computer-generated models, pencil sketches, and watercolor renderings 

“There is an undiscovered beauty, a divine excellence, just beyond us. Let us stand on tiptoe, forgetting the nearer things, and grasp what we may.”

Bernard Maybeck

Project Steps

  1. Preliminary Consultation
    Our initial discussion of your project.
  2. Proposal and Contract
    Write a proposal for services, which becomes the project contract.
  3. Existing Conditions
    Review property documents and permit history, obtain a site survey as needed, create as-built drawings, and analyze site.
  4. Assemble Team
    Assemble the team of engineers and other consultants needed for the project.
  5. Programming
    Investigate client’s objectives, strategize design responses, and develop a scope of work.
  6. Feasibility
    Evaluate cost/benefit of design options in conjunction with budget, schedule, codes, approvability, and construction opportunities.
  7. Master Planning
    Create an overall plan for developing the project site over time, as needed for multi-phased projects.
  8. Schematic Design
    Collaborate with client and project consultants to produce design drawings showing options. These develop through several iterations with the client.
  9. Design Development
    Develop the building and site design in detail. Work out design details and building systems in coordination with consultants.
  10. Contract Documents
    Produce drawings and written specifications for permit, construction bid, and construction.
  11. Permit/Approvals
    Coordinate with government agencies to obtain permits. Coordination begins in the Feasibility phase and continues throughout the project.
  12. Bidding and Negotiation
    Interview contractors, coordinate bids, and help the client negotiate a construction contract. This process often begins in Schematic Design.
  13. Construction Administration
    Guide the project through construction. Site visits, additional information to the contractor, coordination among all parties.
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