Bay Ship & Yacht Co.

Alameda, California

Saikley Architects worked with Bay Ship & Yacht Company to create and develop a new vision for their unique 22-acre bayside industrial site at Alameda Point, which borders new residential and commercial development. Their company was founded in 1977. Initially they focused on the construction and repair of wooden ships, but has transitioned over the years to repairing, converting and building commercial and military vessels and superyachts, and continues to evolve in related state-of-the art capacities. 

We did multiple projects, including a site Master Plan as well as the creation of a site identity for their new commercial/industrial park—the Bay Maritime Center—to support the needs of multiple tenants.  

The projects balanced the needs of several business functions: preserving the historic beauty of the industrial site, supporting Bay Ship & Yacht Co.’s environmental ethos, addressing vehicular circulation and security, upgrading for ADA, and navigating complex approvals for site development.