McBryde ADU Rental

Richmond Hills, California

We renovated a previously illegal unit and permitted it as an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) to make this small multi-family rental property financially viable. The property had been sold shortly before this, with the expectation that the buildings would be demolished to build a larger new home, as has been the case with many similar properties. A new second ADU cottage is in progress to make the property work better financially and provide necessary income to the owner as a long-term investment.

In addition to renovating the ADU, we upgraded the buildings for seismic safety, energy efficiency, conveniences and utilities, and did simple low-maintenance landscaping and site safety features to improve the site. Each unit has its own outdoor living space in a beautiful area of the East Bay hills abutting Wildcat Canyon and the East Bay parks.

Making the property financially viable as a rental property saved these three relatively affordable rental units from demolition, and kept the property available for an additional future rental unit, in an area severely lacking in affordable rental housing. Keeping these existing buildings left a very low carbon footprint compared to demolishing them to build a new house.

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