Victorian Kitchen

Alameda, California

The owner loves to cook and wanted an efficient, simple, state-of-the-art, and beautiful kitchen. 

The kitchen was designed to be in harmony with the Victorian home, using elegant materials, a large window, trim matching the original, and oak flooring continuous with other rooms. A dropped ceiling was removed to expose the original 11′ high ceiling. 

By removing minor walls and changing the kitchen layout, we improved circulation and created a connecting view from a formal entry hall at the front of the house, though the kitchen, to a family room at the rear of the house. 

“I was introduced to Alexandra through her donation to a charity auction. I won the bid and met with her regarding my kitchen remodel. She was professional and personable and attentive from the outset to every detail. After our preliminary meeting, and her rough-out drawing of the kitchen, I officially contracted her services. She possesses an amazing wealth of resources, but never required that I use her recommendations. The result was a combination of her and my ideas, her and my resources, and her and my work on the project. The kitchen was finished to my complete satisfaction. Alexandra was always available for questions and concerns. I recommend her services very highly.”- Client