Arts & Crafts Addition

Berkeley, California

This 1907 brown shingle Arts & Crafts home had significant dry-rot damage and a 1970’s addition that required extensive repair. We helped the owners identify what they most wanted for their home, recognized opportunities presented by the repairs, and proposed design changes that would improve their experience of living in the house.

Our design brings harmony between the new spaces, the style of the original house and the mismatched previous addition. In the renovation we added a deck with good spaces for socializing, and two home offices. Process sketches and a study model with removable parts helped the clients visualize ideas and evaluate options.

Photography: Kurt Manley

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“Alexandra Sheets Saikley helped us turn a remodel necessitated by dry-rot into a real upgrade of our living space. It’s our first home, and we had no idea what was ahead of us. Alexandra worked with us effectively from the beginning to help us define our own aesthetics and desires for the house, even diffusing some of the marital tension that seems to accompany a house remodel. She built a cardboard model of our house that was indispensable for us to use and play around with, to bring the drawings into three dimensions. The result was so much more than a fix to our dry-rot—Alexandra gave our deck and two home-offices a functionality and elegance that makes us happy every day.” – Client