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Thanks for the Nod: Best of Atherton, CA

Home Builder Digest has voted us one of the best architectural firms in both Atherton, CA. Thanks, we appreciate it!

The featured image is from our Sunnyvale, CA modern ranch renovation project.

From the article:

“The studio once worked on a remodel of an old ranch house from the 1960s to reinvigorate the structure. The end result was a modern residence in Sunnyvale that exemplifies practical design, improved living conditions, and a fresh coat of style. The property houses a family of four with a medium-sized budget, so every aspect had to be optimized. One measure to minimize costs retained existing structures and expanded walls for better sightlines and natural light. Small additions to the existing bedrooms were added as well as various improvements in the kitchen, outdoor area, and garage.”

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Thanks for the mention. You can see the original article here:

Sunnyvale house remodel saikley architects
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